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I always felt that somehow it would be that thing that reached me. As it is the way things seem to work. The way good tasting food makes you fat. The way cocaine makes you feel invincible while making you neurotic and weak. 

The woman…the X CHROMOSOME factor. It is my demise. My achielies tenden. My chink, my folly and my gallows. For the bullets and the crushing hook shots to the jaw and the long hours of boredom and the stabbing trivialities could not choke my wind or crush my wit, nor stifle my splitting wail. 

And I invite your dagger. I welcome your menace. I await and ingest the tendered feast. It’s masterful and perfect. And there isn’t any escape to begin with… be it. There are few better ways to meet your end. 

~C. Pasquale

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